Competition for the new school of arts PIKOH in Hasselt

Today the school cluster is a composition of individual buildings, connected by canopies or bridges. We read the place as a sum of independent parts which all together writes one story. With the design proposal of the PIKOH art school, we want to continue building a campus that accepts and reinforces this individuality.

The redesign of the area around Building C is a complex issue. In addition to an architectural intervention, we also have a vision for the non-developed space. We propose a sum of large and small gestures that in the long term will increase the quality and the perception of the place. In this way, the PIKOH art school not only gets a new "face" towards the ring but a 360° view around the campus.

The PIKOH art school is a dynamic and vibrant place that is constantly in evolution. Teachers and students must therefore be able to act as conductors of their own living environment. We therefore propose a flexible concrete structure with an open and flexible organization that allows and encourages transformation. With the structural elements, classrooms can easily be linked and circulation areas can be used in different ways.

The design concept consciously looks for the connection between different program components. By strengthening the dialogue between the actors, we want to stimulate creativity. This dialogue is not physical, never direct, but occurs subtly and from spatial sight relationships. The patios on the second and third floors create an indirect relationship between the students themselves. The connector on the ground floor engages the dialogue both with the outdoor space and with the multipurpose rooms on the second floor. It is a place where sports and performance enter in dialogue with exhibition space and workspaces. This creates a central place for meeting, exhibition and performance. A space that stimulates dialogue and animates the playground.










a2o, Buro Landschap




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