EXPO Connectivity defines spaces

Cultuurcentrum Hasselt

This exhibition lets visitors look into the world of a2o.

a2o explains how designs and buildings have a connective effect. Our work connects the present with the past and the future, with the importance of context and the autonomy and responsibility of architecture and urban development. Commitment is interwoven with craftsmanship and imagination in a contemporary way. 

a2o operates at the interface of two realities, as highlighted in this exhibition: the main story, the leitmotiv, about our philosophy and the creative process. And the particular, the tangible, about contemporary themes and architecture. The two storylines are intertwined in the scenography, allowing text and images to make their own connections. It is a story about ‘connectivity’, which develops on the basis of concrete leitmotivs and design positions, relating how a2o's philosophy is anchored in the sociospatial reality of today. 

Connections that make us reflect on expectations, let us dream about the perfect place to live, to work or to relax. An essential element is the interaction with the public, the power of imagination lying with the beholder.

So please join us in this story and create links, even where these may not initially have been intended: the connections transcend the single thought time and again.




Cultuurcentrum Hasselt, Belgium




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