De dialoog

De Dialoog is a conference and meeting room on the top floor of a new high-rise building with student rooms on the Elfde Linie education campus in Hasselt. It is a place where business and academia can meet. The panorama over the city provides a stimulating backdrop for these encounters.


The project consists of a formal meeting room and an informal bar area with kitchen.

The rooms can be used separately or together and can be closed off by a large sliding door. This makes the layout of the space dynamic and gives possibilities to organise different types of events. The concept is to create a setting in these spaces that feels atmospheric, warm and consistent and complements the stimulating panorama: to have engaging conversations, eat together and relax. The typical American bar was the inspiration for the interior design. This is reflected in the design, colour palette and choice of materials.


The atmosphere is set with tempered light, wooden panelling, contoured natural stone and some bright colour accents. The interplay of the interior is coordinated with the building's architecture. The rust-brown tones of the facades are reflected in the velvet fabrics and Italian marble, combined with warm oak and bronze mirrors. The materials have a rough brushed finish. This natural finish gives the space a strong coherence. The lighting is a dynamic element and can be adjusted in intensity, from an activating meeting setting to a quiet dinner at dusk.


2021 - 2022




Hasselt, Belgium




PXL & Xior




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